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Mixes Easy...Just Add People

Production Information
80, 90, & 100 Proof

Great care goes into making Taaka vodka:
four distillations; charcoal filtration;
and unique packaging — a very distinctive
big, blue label — that delivers a very
smooth and clean product. Taaka 90 proof
is distilled to be a world-class “martini”
vodka with a little extra kick! Taaka
100 proof is distilled to 100 proof to help
bring out the flavor in whatever it is mixed with.
A Taaka 100 proof screwdriver will have much more
of an orange flavor than one mixed with 80 proof vodka.

Tasting Notes

Along with SKYY vodka and our own Rain
vodka, Taaka was voted as a Top Ten
vodka in the world by Russian Life Magazine.